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Our Hostel is a place created just for you, where the plants will be your company, breakfast pure energy, where the sleep after a long and tiring day at work or after a chilly night or a beautiful day at the beach will be a pleasure. Welcome to our house your castle

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A hostel with history Anecdotal Montevideo Review of the little Giant Uruguay
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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon where one of the seven wonders of the old world, built on VI aC, on the city of Babylon, where the mesopotanian culture fluorished next to the eufrates and tigris rivers, thus bringing the cuneiform writting and creating with it, tales of heroes and villains, tales about the conquest of new worlds and tales about the transcendence of the self.
And so from there came great...

It is not impossible that we are all wrong when we say that Ia is our nation's capital name Montevideo, Perhaps it is "Montem Video", two separate words with accents in the "o" and the "i" Montem video, for we find it shocking that this spelling today, after so many years of pronouncing the name of our city in the way we find familiar.
We all know how much it has been discussed of the origin of the curious term "Montevideo" ...
The "Jardines Colgantes de Babilonia" hostel started his activities in Montevideo Uruguay for a special reason. It is a small country with a population of approximately 3 million. The  Montevideo department  that shares the same name as it capital city gathers the biggest part of the population, 1,5 million, the rest of the population of the country is divided among the remaining 18 departments. Several times I asked myself how many people
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